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Just a few of the logos designed by Shine...

bespoke logo design in kenilworth

'The Mind Works'
Psychometric testing

Hertfordshire Partnership logo design for NHS health SummitNHS Health Summit
Hertfordshire Partnership logo design for NHS health SummitCoppernose Beef Jerky
beoley mill software bms logo design


Linsona company logo design in oxfordshireTelecoms


Oxford Research Company logoMarket research

Black Dog Marine Boat Engine Sales and Repair Looe Harbour Cornwall

Boat engine sales & service

Black Dog Marine Boat Engine Sales and Repair Looe Harbour Cornwall

< Brendan's business card before Shine Design

and after, front and back...

brendan johnson business card for Outside the Asylum


brendasn's business card back for outside the asylum


ocean consulting logo designRecruitment
Ovation SystemsSurveillance technology
harmony complete home management systems logoHome automation
Opus energy logo designPower

kudos consultancy ifa logo design

hattons dating agency logo designExclusive dating
logo for 3d aluminum plas windows and extrusionsAluminium extrusions
bespoke website designExecutive Training
peoplevalue hr employee benefitsEmployee benefits
bespoke website designHands on science museum
Name, logo & brochures
bespoke website designSAGE experts
bespoke website designInternational trade show
bespoke website designHealth & safety

Logos and corporate ID

Corporate image

Every company has an image. Every company from ABC Cabs to IBM. But is this image the one they would actually choose?

Corporate image is the impression that we have of a company as customers, employees, investors. It is an accumulation of the organisation's past and present. First impressions are fundamental to how we see the company later on, and are difficult to change. Future encounters add to the mosaic already constructed in our mind, rather than replacing it.

Corporate identity

Is a way of influencing image, from the name of the organisation to the colour of the building and how the phone is answered. As designers, we can create and change corporate personality through choice of pictures, colour, typeface and other devices. The logo is the most significant part of the identity, the face of the company.

The time for change

Fashions change, organisations evolve and logos date. Good design aims to be timeless, although a designer can often tell when a logo was created by looking at it. Identity should be assessed periodically by market research, indicating whether the it is still creating the right impression. Is a subtle change needed, or a new start?

For smaller businesses, the design process should be kept simple, testing it on the opinions of others. Shell and other well known logos started life this way.

For a large company, the final logo is usually the the tip of a corporate identity iceberg, a vast amount of development work created, tested and discarded en route.

Design by committee tends to be disastrous. Too many opinions end up with something bland, or worse, something like the 2012 Olympic logo by Wolff Olins, which cost £400k!! To us this is the worst logo in memory - but just how key was it to raising £400M sponsorship?

2012 Olypics logo disaster

Quick fix

If a new identity is a daunting task, it can often be refreshed by redesigning the stationery.

Roll out

The new ID can be rolled out gradually, enforced by simple guidelines. Without consistency, the identity is ineffective, even damaging.

A new logo and identity doesn't have to cost the earth. Many household names wouldn't exist without painstakingly designed schemes that we as consumers seldom consciously consider.

Sainsbury's is certainly tasting better! It took a three year project to lose the 'J' and brighten the 70's orangy-beige. You may remember 30 years ago, Tesco was the scruffiest shop on the High Street....

sainsburys logo design old and new

If you skimp on the presentation of your company, think how much you spent on your best suit.





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