"By their level of involvement,
they clearly enjoy what they do.
Value for money and fast turnaround."

Rebecca French, Marketing Manager, CPiO

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Writing killer web copy

"We've heard that a million monkeys with typewriters will eventually reproduce the entire works of Shakespeare. Thanks to the Internet, we know this is not true."
Robert Wilensky

Trim it.
Your reader's time is precious. Keep it minimal. Don't try to write this way - trim it after you've written everything.

Use bite-sized chunks.
Headlines and sub-headlines break text up, so the page can be scanned and the reader can focus on what is interesting to them. Newspapers are designed carefully in this way to be easy to read.

Should attract and draw the reader in. Try this magic formula:
"[Something really good] without [something really bad]" eg "Same great taste but without the fat!"

What's in it for me?
Write from your customer's point of view. Aim to use the word 'you' 4 times more than 'we'.

Talk benefits, not features
For example, a vacuum cleaner with "Edge Technology" is less useful to me than one that "cleans right up to the skirting board". People don't want to buy a 10mm drill, they want a 10mm hole.

"About us" isn't about you!
No one cares who established the company in 1983 etc. They are interested that you have been "helping people to … since 1983" and won "these awards" along the way.

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"nothing is too much for Jonathan in delivering an excellent service to his clients."

Don Innis

Consistently use a friendly, engaging, interesting tone.

Help, entertain and educate

Ideally they would include : the situation before; what you did; the outcome. Also the writer's name, what they do and a photo.
They should be on every page. Video testimonials are great!

A picture is worth a thousand words
And a video might be worth a thousand pictures… it should autoplay. It doesn't have to be expensive.

Softly softly, catchee monkey
Good things come with time and effort! Since developing our own click-to-edit web page editor, customers update their site more often, because it's quick and easy. Constant tweaking leads to a higher standard of copy.
See a demo on your own website...
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Does your product or service…

This will help focus...

  • Make life easier?
  • Save money?
  • Save time?
  • Entertain?
  • Make money?
  • Make people feel better?

    bespoke website design"A note of thanks for the excellent service. The design was exactly as needed - a professional looking product that we can reuse."

    Rob Savage,
    Aparion Ltd

Flippin' AIDA

Attention, Interest, Decision, Action
Very useful for sales copy.. Start with a paragraph for each.


Highlight interesting/key bits
Clear single call to action
Alternative ways to respond

Help is at hand!

We highly recommend the services of silver-tongued copywriter Alison Neale. Those who doubt the existing fairies must visit The Proof Fairy at www.theprooffairy.com.

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We've used Shine for many years. They are Knowledgeable, supportive, efficient and always willing to go that extra mile. A real pleasure to work with.

Larry Kenny
The Financial Times

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"Jonathan provided great, imaginative ideas when putting my website together, making the whole process stress free."

Adrian Riddell
Sports Mind Academy"


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