"A leap of faith extremely well rewarded.
Innovative and extremely helpful throughout"

Jim Howard, Kudos Independent Financial Advice

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What is the cost of designing my website?

Quite a lot, or very little if you look at the return on investment...

We are happy to spread the cost of your project over time at no extra charge.

The following is a rough guide to what we offer, but every project is different. Please contact us for an estimate for your individual requirement.

from £1k

Our 'low design' option is popular with micro business and startups. It delivers a high quality pre-designed website with everything you need to tailor... Add your own pictures and words. Your choices and input save budget.

  • Wide choice of gorgeous themes including Wordpress
  • Google analytics to see who is visiting
  • Content management - tailor your words and pictures
  • .uk domain and hosting*
  • Unlimited email addresses*
  • 2 stages of development
  • Pagechanger, our amazing new web page editor

To take advantage of this great price, you'll need to know the pages you want and we'll set them up. For pictures we recommend www.fotolia.co.uk and www.istock.co.uk. Better still, take pictures yourself or call Phil Millership or Lewis Wileman.

from £3k

  • Help developing your brief
  • Picture search or shoot
  • Copy writing
  • Brand and identity development
  • Choose and source pictures
  • Choice of layouts and concepts
  • Content management - control over your page content
  • Function and application, such as...
  • .uk domain, hosting and email addresses*
  • Unlimited email addresses*
  • Pagechanger or a custom content management system

*An annual charge applies to hosting, .uk domain and email

bespoke website design

"Bright, savvy, highly creative yet pragmatic and a joy to work with"

Hannah Reynolds,
Chief Mischief Maker
Mischievous Marketing

Website for Outeractive Outdoor pursuits stag and hen parties canoeing and gorgewalking

"When Jon started, Outeractive was just an idea and a plan. His work fleshed out the look and feel of the company.

We rely on the website to get found by new customers and book our outward-bound trips."

Hugh Durham
Outeractive Ltd

bespoke website design

"Jon pays high attention to detail and has been a pleasure to work with. He genuinely cares about his customers, putting in that extra discretionary effort."

Andrew Ward,
Managing Director,
Scorchsoft Ltd

bespoke website design for chemical manuafacturer health and hygiene green cleaning products"natural creativity, positive attitude, a flair for promotion and a high work ethic.

A very strong package for new products and business development."

William Barron
Business Mentor & Workshop Leader
Coventry University Institute of Applied Entrepreneurship





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